Monday, August 26, 2013

Toulon Week 4 Off to first exchanges!

Hello Family!

I don't have a lot of time today because our apartment didn't have very good timing today... We planned well last night but then this morning things just went awry slightly and everything went late or got pushed back a little later. We went to the mountain right bordering Toulon and is actually more like in the middle of the city. I got all the SD cards this week so I was able to take lots of pictures! The other elders in our apartment went and checked the mail this week at the old apartment and so they picked up like 5 letters and the package for me so that was nice. The view was awesome on the mountain and we could see all of Toulon and the ocean. SO pretty and you will hopefully get the pics this week. I also got the padded envelopes so I can send those. Thanks so much for that and the SD cards! You are so thoughtful!

Another reason I am pressed for time is that I am going on my first exchange today!!! In about 13 minutes I get to run to the train station and go to Cannes and to an exchange with Elder Martinez!! From the MTC! (Elder Martinez is from Spain and was in his MTC District and room.) Our mission has started this thing where before an Ami (investigator) can be baptized they need to be taught by another companionship (or an arrangment of the two companionships) that is assigned to you. Since we have Andre preparing for baptism, Elder Frandsen and Elder Moeller (Elder Martinez's companion) are going to teach them tomorrow night! So basically me and Elder Martinez (two bleus--French for greenies) are going to be together and train each other for a day.... Haha well see how it goes but I know the Lord will bless us in our inexperience!!
Cannes, France
As far as our Amis go... We have Andre! He is so crazy amazing and probably has the most faith I have ever seen in my life. He is a for sure baptism. He had a date for this Saturday but he really didn't feel like he was ready and we agreed that it would be okay to push it back a couple weeks.

We have Marie also. She fed us this week and is the friend Andre invited. She is also full faith and is so spiritually sensitive! She cried after the movie when we showed her the Restoration film and has a date for baptism on the 28 of Septembre.

Then now we have a FAMILY!!! They are so amazing! We found them yesterday, offered to give some service and ended up teaching the 1ere lecon in their living room!! They are such a nice family that has had a lot of hardship and I know the message of the Atonement and the Gospel is going to bring so much peace and happiness into their lives!! Plus they live really close to the church which will be amazing because they won't have a "it's too far" problem!!! :) We are going back on Wednesday to teach them!!

Other things that a passé cette semaine (happened this week) include I tried three new cheeses! Gorgonzola, another one that had spices in it and wasn't too bad, and this other one that was nasty that the other companionship bought... Also Elder Frandsen bought some Rouqefort (or something) today and apparently it's really strong... so I am excited but I am starting to enjoy the cheeses! I also had more Camembert and it was a lot better the second time!! Other than that...I got my first number while contacting on my own the other day!!! Usually Elder Frandsen writes them down when we are contacting but I got one!!! So awesome and I am going to call her tomorrow!

Also they use the "On" (it or one) form for everything here!!!!! So dumb because all they taught me was the "nous" (we) form and so I have been learning that :) (He is referring to the verb conjugation.  Instead of saying "We are going to Nice"  or  "I am going to Nice," they will often say "One is going to Nice." What we consider formal (thou, one) is considered intimate and casual in French.)

Well I am just so grateful for the wonderful message of the Gospel and love you all too! 

A la prochaine!! (Until next time!!)

 Elder Pettingill

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Toodles said...

I love reading Elder Pettingill's emails... lots of detailed information! I'm so glad that he and Elder Nelson were companions in the MTC!! Such a great way to start their missions and I know Elder Nelson (he's my brother) loved being companions with your son. So neat that your daughter will be in the Paris Mission soon!