Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 3 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this week was super great! After staying in an apartment last week in BDX for zone training where 3 out of the 4 other missionaries either had gastro or a cold, we were doomed to catch the wave and get sick. In any case, our luck was high and only I caught the lesser cold and Elder Steinbock up until now has been sickness free! In any case, that cold slowed me down just a little in the beginning of the week and then Sr Povar sent me the pharmacie and I bought a yummy eucalyptus throat spray. Apparently this cold has been very hard on the energy levels of a lot of missionaries and many have even gotten bronchitis so I have been taking safety measures and I am feeling a lot better now!

Other than that we had a good week! We went to Bordeaux on Friday morning for Zone conference with President! We talked all about our families and the people in our family. He is really pushing that we use genealogy more and so we really focused on that! Some great points were, do we know what our great grandparents did and who they were? What do we want our grandchildren to remember about us? Then we talked about a lot of the missionaries ancestors and what they were doing. We have really been focusing on the spirit of Elijah and how powerful it is in our lives and how much it can help push forward the gospel!!

I saw Elder Davis at Zone conference so that was fun! President gave me a temple recommend interview during the conference and it was super funny. I asked him and the assistants got up to speak, and then he pulled me to the back and asked me all the questions while they were presenting, then took my old recommend, wrote me up a new one and gave it to me in like 5 minutes!! Talk about efficient! The best part about zone conference was that President had us watch "Meet The Mormons" afterwards!! It was so good! We all enjoyed it very much!! It was very well done and I would love to show it some non member friends! 

We made Damien, this member, the speculoos cheesecake (which if we can find the right ingredients I will gladly make back at home!) for his birthday! He got so sparced and shared with his friends! He asked for the address of the church as well so hopefully he will bring some friends to church (even if they are just motivated by possible food).

Last night we went over to Jacques' house because it was his daughters birthday so we passed by! We taught Jacques while we were at it and then later his ex-wife came over to grab something and basically she sat down and then just started rapid firing questions and we gave her a Book of Mormon so that was super cool!!! She seemed very interested and very open as well!! Fun experience! Jacques is Jewish so we are going to the Synagogue with him on Friday so that will be a fun new experience as well!

Well I love you all!! I love Limoges! Have a great week!

Elder Pettingill
Limoges District
Elder Davis and Elder Pettingill reunited

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