Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Limoges! (Jacob-Limoges)

Well I guess I may have finally found a spot where you don't have some kind of connection in order to know everything that is going on in the mission. I guess we will find out Sunday if there are any american couples or anyone that is on the mission facebook page all the time. : ) In any case I am super excited to be in Limoges because now I am only an hour away from Brive so that will be really fun!  (if I ever get down there) In any case the cities in the district are Poitiers, Limoges and Angoulême. Out of the 4 equipes, there is one equipe of Elders, (that is myself and Elder Steinbock my new comp!) Elder Steinbock is super cool! He is a very new missionary and also a very new member. His family is Jewish, Russian origin, and just got baptised a year and a half ago, Sept 2013 (since I have been on my mission!!) He loves the Book of Mormon, plays many instruments such as clarinet, guitar, piano, and others. He also can read and write in Hebrew so I think that might be the focus of our language studies! He studied only the Old Testament when he was younger, so I don't have to worry about him wasting days and days studying that in order to get a stronger testimony!

As far as our last week in Montpellier went, well Rossil did end up getting baptised! That was super fun! He was so happy which was great to see! It went well considering everyone showed up to the baptismal service right at 10h30 (including Rossil) but it all turned out great because the font was filling up so we didn't start until about 10h45. The water was apparently super cold, even though it came out steaming! The confirmation was also great, which happened on Sunday! It was a very fun experience and the best part was seeing how happy Rossil was! 

Other than that our week went by pretty quickly. On Thursday we had a great day and worked hard, until dinner when we took a nice pain au chocolat dinner break. We sat down on a bench to eat that and while we were eating this guy comes and sits down with the same idea in mind, I think. It was so funny because we said hi and then 30 minutes later we had taught him the retab, given him a Book of Mormon and fixed another RDV! It was so awesome! He was super cool! We went the next night and taught him again, then Saturday morning he came to the baptism! He was great and hopefully Elder Thompson and Elder Erramouspe will be able to work with him a little more and help him develop a better relationship with our heavenly father!


I LOVE you!!
Elder Pettingill
Montpellier missionaries before transfers

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