Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 2 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this week went really quick!! It was very exciting and we had lots of fun!! 
We had many miracles!! 

Honoré- Wonderful guy that they have been teaching for a while now! He came to Family Home Evening on Monday night so that was very fun!! We had a great evening with several members and amis!

On Tuesday we did a lot of contacting and visited several members which was fun! We had a crazy miracle that day! Essentially we were on the bus and this man comes and sits down next to us and we started talking and then eventually we got off and he invited us to come to his house and share a message! It was super awesome! He was super cool and hopefully we will be able to pass by and see him again. We had a lot of other small miracles like stopping Vena, who had 4 kids around him when we tried to talk to him. It was obvious that he was busy so he gave us his number and said to call later so we could see him! We also went to pass Jie Zhou, a Chinese student who asked for a Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago and then we passed by to check up on her! Her french has improved immensely and she said we could pass by another time! There have just been tons and tons of little experiences in the last week just like that! 

On Friday we went to Bordeaux and then Saturday had zone training, That was super fun because we are now going to be focusing a lot on family history work! It has been to implement some of the Family History tools that we have more fully! Just the other day we decided to talk to a man on the road about his family and about the experiences that he has had! The spirit got so strong and he fixed a RDV promptly!! So great!! I love the Lord!!  

Yesterday we had the occasion to go and give the sacrament to a member family, where the mom has been out of commission for the last couple of weeks and now is starting to feel better! It was so awesome to see the family spending time together and then obviously the very great moment of silence while this mother was able to renew her covenants. 

Well I love Limoges!! It is so great here!!

Love Elder Pettingill
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