Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 2 (Jacob-Nice)

Well it was a very quick week and I am also getting bad at calculating emails so it will be a quick email as well.

Just to re highlight General Conference! Very Great!

Monday through Wednesday we were in Lyon so that was fun and we got back just in time for Zone Training. In Lyon we found out that we will be going to Geneva, Switzerland this Transfer as well.  

For Zone Training we talked a lot about the Book of Alma. We discussed how the Stripling Warriors came to be and thusly went backwards all the way back to where Alma and the Sons of Mosiah remeet each other before heading back out. The amazing preparation they did and the desires that they had to help their brethren was amazing! They understood how important was their call and they were and did so many great things! 

At the end we all made a Title of Liberty and covenanted together to become more invested as missionaries and to rise to a new level of commitment.

I am so grateful for the covenants I have been able to make with the Lord through baptism. I know the Lord responds and blesses us according to our faithfulness. 

I got the package today! The cinnamon rolls were amazing! I threw the frosting together really fast and then after we had deep cleaned the apartment for our inspection this next week, we threw the frosting on and ate them! Very good!! I found out that apparently making cinnamon rolls for Christmas and conference is not just our family tradition but that there are actually tons of families that do it!! (eg; Elder Davis' family)

We are having a national holiday this week as well! It is actually called a strike... So basically the entire country of France (transportation) so all the buses and trams and trains are all shut down..... That is going to be very fun! 
I love the Gospel. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a member of the church right now. 

I love you all,

Elder Pettingill (The First)
Elder Pettingill and Elder Davis teaching at Zone Training on Skype to the missionaries in Corsica

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