Monday, October 6, 2014

O soleil, céleste flamme...(Katie-Angers)

So I'm sitting here at the computer at the church, FREEZING, because it suddenly decided to get really cold and rain all in one day. What happened to my beautiful fall weather where it was always sunny but not hot?!?! Welcome to the start of October, I suppose.

But anyway, it was a super great week this week. Soeur Farmer and I are tearing it up over here in the beautiful, absolutely enchanting ville of Angers. We were talking about it, and I was saying how missions are so fun because we literally do the same exact thing every single day, and yet every single day is so different. It's craziness. And I love it. 

We had a very beautiful moment with our amie Mimi this week. She is a fiesty black woman who knows who she is and what she is doing in life. And she CRACKS. ME. UP. So like one moment we're all dying laughing, and then the next we're having this absolutely spiritually uplifting moment that amazes me. She is so prepared. She told us this week (when I asked if she was able to read and pray about the BoM) that she reads in the Book of Mormon every single day (she actually has a hard time reading, so it's only a few verses at a time) and said a prayer asking if it was true. And she told us that she received an answer that it is true. Mimi looked straight at me said so seriously, "Ma soeur, est-ce que vous savez combien il est puissant, ce livre? Est-ce que vous savez?" This touched my soul. Do we truly understand the power of the Book of Mormon? The power that it has to heal broken hearts and broken lives? This book changes lives. Mimi, who just finished 1 Nephi chapter 1, recognized and felt the incredible power that it has. It is so true.

I'd also like to share with you another testimony that Heavenly Father watches over and loves each and every one of us, as individual people with individual lives and problems and heartaches. We had the opportunity to do splits on Thursday! Yay! But actually the funny thing is one of the members who was supposed to come with us cancelled last minute, so we went to the church with only one member. We figured we'd just go and have a lesson in the presence of a member. However, the Bishop (who is from Scotland) came and his daughter had to come with him for some reason. So, testing my chances and actually thinking she'd say no (she's got green hair and is very shy), I asked if she wanted to come. And she came! So I took her with me to go visit Mimi, and the spirit was so strong. Afterwards, Léa (this 14 year old scottish girl) told me of how strongly she had felt the spirit. It was wonderful. And now we're friends, and she wants to introduce me to her friend. Cool, huh?

What a beautiful gospel this is. 

Gros bisous!
Soeur Katie Pettingill
it's been exactly (to the hour) 6 weeks since I went and found Soeur Farmer in Paris!
we found this random farm thing in the middle of angers. Seriously so random
the Hand of the Lord quoi
lovely Angers :)

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