Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tender mercies in Brive (Jacob-Brive la Gaillarde)

Well you can imagine my horror when we get to the internet cafe  on Monday and find out the internet isn't working and we would have to come the next day. What a testimony that the Lord loves us and that He is there in our lives helping us to be happy. Who would have guessed that the first time in 10 weeks the internet cafe in Brive would be closed all of Monday on the same day that the brother of a missionary would be driving home and would therefore not be able to open his call and so the missionary would not have known for a whole week? Obviously Heavenly Father knew that Sister Pettingill needed to learn more patience..  

Well that is SOOO AWESOME an island in the middle of nowhere!!!! What are his thoughts? And what language is that?? So awesome! It was super awesome getting like 10 emails letting me know that people had mission calls!! That is so crazy that none of them are going to Brazil! I guess the Lord supercharged it and so in two years it will start again (good luck Josh). 

As far as things that happened this week. I set the goal to have 7 good mornings. Mornings are one of the key points of missionary life and I really wanted to start creating these mornings that would set the mood for the day. Well I was successful and it was amazing how much of a difference it made. I found that as I pushed to have a really good 30 minutes of excercise I had more energy and I was more ready for studies. I found that I wasted less time and was able to better accomplish other goals. It was so great. 

Another thing that I have come to realize is that everything we is placed on a scale of Logic selon Dieu (according to God) and Logic according to us. And that our goal to create habits and make our logic corresponde with the logic God has (or that faith becomes logic). But what really hit me was that EVERY moment is important while as we push to live the gospel. Every choice we make in the right direction pushes forward. I have been trying to make more of these little choices to help push me toward my goals. And the best part is that because we aren't perfect, Christ makes up the rest. 

On Sunday we talked about being fathers and how we can best raise children and I like a phrase that was shared. "When we are young we learn, when we are older we understand" I have just felt so much of that as I looked back on every rule that was set in our family and every counsel that is given by the prophets. I am starting to understand. 
I love the Gospel. I know that this church has been re-established on the earth and that EVERY thing we do, sacrifice and live in this church are there to make us happy. I know that Christ lives. I know that he loves me and you. I know that we can all continue thanks to and only through Him. I love Him. I love being a missionary.
Elder Pettingill

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