Monday, February 10, 2014

De Lux. Yep, it's a word. (Katie-Luxembourg)


First of all, here's an update. It's no longer funny. BATHROOM = BROKEN. Oh well...I mean, it's not like we're missionaries in the second richest country in the world in the richest neighborhood in the country with a broken toilet and shower. Bummer. BUT no worries! There is a plumber coming over today to have a looksee (we called like 4 other ones and nobody said they could fix it...thank goodness for heater companies am I right?). So I guess we'll see!

Now for some really awesome things that happened this week.

CHURCH THIS SUNDAY WAS AWESOME. And I'm not just saying that because we had 4 amis there. Nope, we also had this 25-year-old man-who-speaks-4-languages-perfectly-and-served-a-mission-and-is-married-with-a-little-daughter speak. Totally going to be a general authority someday. Probably apostle. NBD. It was seriously incredible. So amis that came--Diana and her in-active member husband Duwei came! With their little daughter Sofia and her Chinese mother in law. ADORABLE. She wants to get baptized too! I'm hoping that Duwei will be able to baptize her! That would be too great. Also, Jennifer came. She is adorable. She is this tiny Portuguese lady who has a date for the 2nd of March! Everytime she sees us she says, hey don't forget! We're just like, no worries, Jennifer. We won't forget. :) Anne, our adorable Luxembourgish amie who has a boyfriend going to BYU right now, also came. She told us last night that she wants to be baptized, but she wants her boyfriend to do it in the states. STILL COUNTS! And Carmen came as well. She speaks nothing but Portuguese, so we can't actually communicate with her...but she still came! Seriously so cool. I also got to play piano in primary...I love primary. So. Much. And Relief Society was super cool too because the teacher was teaching in Spanish (which I can actually kind of understand...weird) and there was a lady translating from Spanish to French and then another lady translating from French to English so that everybody could understand. It was so cool to see how well this ward functions even with so many language barriers. The church is true!

We also had a miracle day this week. Sr. Henson and I were just feeling so TIRED and down and our bathroom was broken and yeah. We were having a pity party. But we had a couple of rdvs, so we had to go out of the house. Besides to use the bathroom. The first one was with Manuella, but she we just sat on this wall by her house and ate the lemon bar we brought for her. And said a prayer. And after that it was so cool! We had a rdv with Jennifer and we set a date! Then a rdv with this HILARIOUS lady named Valerie. So posh. So luxembourg. We literally had tea (tisane) and cakes and she has a pug. Like what? Then we had dinner at the Turner's house. They're British and I felt like I was Harry Potter. And they just fed us and loved us and it was so great. Heavenly Father LOVES His children :)

Something funny we found out this week: the word for fancy in French is delux. Literally translated as From Lux. That is where the word deluxe in english comes from. FROM LUXEMBOURG. Hahaha Lux is so fancy and so it just makes sense. We also had the little boy, Giovanni, of a less-active who I LOVE named Katia start randomly singing Gangnam Style to us. Probably one of the funniest things I've ever experienced. He's like 6. Hahaha :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! I love being a missionary! I see so many miracles every day! Even if they are little ones. Also it's getting cold. But that's okay, it's snowed like 3 times but hasn't stuck. Mild winter :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Soeur Pettingill
Luxembourgish sign thing. IN Luxembourgish

our shower :)

Cathedral in Lux called Notre Dame with the Lux crest on the gate

A beautiful cemetery we found by a church in a little village outside of Luxville

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