Well basically I am in the middle of teaching a man that is sitting next to me so I am losing time quickly...But this week was really good! We basically had 2 zone conferences.. One on thursday and then yesteday we had interviews/zone conference! It was so cool!! I felt like it was everything I needed to hear! We talked a lot about love and how to teach better! It was so awesome! I love the gospel and all the opportunities it gives us to grow. This week I am going to try to study the atonement every day and really concentrate Christ every day.

Photo bomb!
So one little miracle that we had this week. On Wednesday we taught Mathieu and then after we had some extra time that we had planned to pass this less-active. And we did but she wasn't there. So basically we decided to just walk and we did and then we looked to the left down this one road and both just turned and went down. So we ported a couple houses and then the 3rd house a man opened the door and let us in and he has a family of 2 kids and 1 wife and 1 nephew!! It was such a good experience!! They have cousins that are Mormon and a Bishop and a missionary! They are so nice and come from Madagascar! They speak Malagash. We are going pass them and try and teach them how to have an FHE/bring them cookies!!

I am so grateful for this mission.

Love Elder Pettingill

They have knocked on almost every door in centreville

Eating breakfast and exercising to save time?