Monday, December 16, 2013

BRRRIVE-la-Gaillarrrrrde (roll the r's) (Jacob-Brive)

Dear People,

Well this week was awesome and Brive is so sweet. It is definitely smaller that Toulon and I am coming from having over 100 buses to use to 7 so that is sweet. It has been crazy the difference and I can see my missionary work changes so much! Here were have been doing a lot more porting (tracting) and it works a lot more (that or it just depends on our mentality and amount of faith!) We have had a lot of miracles this week and I have really obtained a temoignage (testimony) of the principle of work. The key to this life is WORK. Also missionary work doesn't really happen until you find someone to teach. 

Saturday was a super awesome day and was plein de miracles (full of miracles). It was night time and our plans had fallen through so we decided to go have some miracles and go into centre-ville. So we went in and started just contacting like crazy and then taking roads that were smaller and porting. Well we were in the middle of centre-ville (where there is this huuuge cathedral that is just sitting there) and we saw this road that we hadn't been down and then we saw some stairs and an apartment building to port. So we walk up and start hitting the sonneries 
(doorbells--read about them on Jacob's companion's blog here). Well the third one down answered and we introduced ourselves (and they answered << wait like Jesus>> and then opened the front door.) Well basically it ended up being this young single adult in the ward who lived there but we had no idea. She had one of her friends over and we shared a little message right there and then left. Well she got the chance to talk to her friend about the gospel for like an hour after that and apparently her friend is interested! That was so cool and then we ported into a lady and got to teach her the 1st lesson! We are going back later this week!! So awesome!

Being the senior companion is a very difficult responsibility because not only does it mean that I have to make all the decisions, but I have to be the example in everything we do. It is really pushing me to try and be exactly obedient and do everything in our power to work hard! Something that I have instituted since getting to Brive is running every day... unfortunately not everyone (more like no one) likes running especially when it is cold, dark, and early... so basically we have the permission of the district leader to do morning exchanges so I can run! I got to run everyday last week with someone different (the amazing benefits of having 4 elders!). I feel so good when I get a good exercise and have way more energy..The rest of the apartment are doubtful that it is even worth anything and I think they are grateful for the rotations... :)

Yesterday at church we got a new Dirigeant des Missionnaires de Paroisse (DMP) (Ward Mission Leader) and it is this French young guy who just got off of his mission in September from Paris. He is so energetic and we had our first meeting last night that is going to help us be more effective as a ward and group of 4 missionaries.. He is so awesome and I can already tell great things are going to happen with this! He does not have a job right now and is engaged so he is still at point in his life where he can give a lot to help so that is going to be so cool!

Today I finished the Book of Mormon in French!! It was such a good feeling and I think now I am going to move onto the Bible! I didn't feel any different after finishing it and didn't have any angel come and give a candy bar wrapped in a testimony. I did think of the little testimonies I had received and experiences that I had while reading it. Where I felt something strong and that was awesome. It is so true that faith comes from doing and by keeping the commandments and reading the scriptures we begin to see the awesome fruit that we have! J'aime l'evangile et je sais que c'est vraie! (I love the Gospel and I know that it is true!)

J'ai hate pour le Noel et on vient de fixer nos plans avec les membres pour tout ca! (I'm looking forward to Christmas and we just set up our plans for all that!) Christmas Eve nous allons (we are going) to eat at the house of l'eveque (the Bishop) and then Christmas afternoon we are going to the young men's presidents house and Sister Allal (his wife) is going to make a bunch of FRENCH food for us to try!!!

Well I love you so much and I am so excited to talk to y'all on Christmas!!! 

Love Elder Pettingill!!

P.s Tomorrow is Zone Conference and so we will be getting our presents ( we'll see if I can wait... ;) )

Jacob's companion describes there "HUGEST BEST YUMMIEST thing I have ever had. 2 Euro Speculoos Eclair. SOO good!"

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