Monday, December 30, 2013

Aftermath (Jacob-Brive)

Well I can now tell you that I have experienced French culture. After 6 meals with members and 5 buches de Noel (Yule logs) and so much food I feel very fat. Thank goodness Elder Adamson decided he wasn't sick anymore and lovingly went running with me this morning! A list of the things eaten this week: a super yummy potato casserole called au gratin (basically super good), 6 types of cheese including rochefort (which is actually very much illegal in the US) and others that are from the region, oyster (huitre) (tastes like drinking ocean), SOOOO much foie gras (translation: fatty liver), crevette, this large shrimp like thing that we had to cut the head off in order to eat, tons of salmon on bread. I also cracked my first nut with a nutcracker (except it wasn't shaped like a soldier, but just a wrench like thing), lamb (soo good!), cow cheek!, normal roast beef, escargot! (Yum), this dish thing that had what I am pretty sure was squid... a quiche that had like 10 different types of sea creatures in it, oh yeah and round two of fish eggs (it was a lot better the second time), a super super spicy dish with meat imported from Madagascar, and some yummy salads.

As far a missionary work goes. We watched Hastening the Work again this week and it was even better the second time! I love the amazing revelation that we get from our leaders! Member missionary work is so important and is the way that we need to be doing missionary work. They gave the responsibility to the members to work in unity with the missionaries and to move towards everyone we meet to befriend them and then to help them receive the many blessing we have!!

I love the gospel and wish that everyone could understand that

Love Elder Pettingill
(Sorry it was short... it took a long time to remember all the food...

salmon on bread


cow cheek

crevettes (shrimp) served with the head and shell intact

pate de foie gras


Rochefort (Roquefort) cheese

 Buche de Noel

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