Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thoughts on being a missionary (Katie Mulhouse)

Katie sent a letter in the mail this week and had such great, motivating thoughts on doing missionary work that I decided to type part of it up for the blog.

Any cool missionary experiences lately? One of the girls in our ward brought a friend to church on Sunday. Hopefully we will be able to start teaching her! She’s super, duper cute.  For my 12 week program, Sr. Hafen and I watched a District video last night about working with members and one thing that stuck out to me was something the member said, “A lot of us really want to share the Gospel!  I mean, we love the Church and the blessings we've received from it. We just don’t know how.” So, here is my missionary tip for the day—

1. Be personal—talk about you and how you’ve been blessed.
2.  Testify!—What do you know? I know that with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I can be with my family forever.
3.  Ask an inspired question—It’s called a Question of the Soul. Do you believe in life after this one?
4.  INVITE—this is so important! This gives them the opportunity to act. We’re having a special meeting about families at church this Sunday. Would you like to come with us?

That list has helped me so much when contacting. People really respond.  I love thinking about (well, me and Soeur Hafen do) before this life when all of us were together, receiving our call to Earth and some of our best friends found out they wouldn't get to grow up in the Gospel. And they looked at us with tears in their eyes, “Promise you’ll find me. Promise you’ll help me remember.” And we promised.  Some missionaries get stressed out thinking “What if I don’t find them all?” For me, I feel a calm, peaceful feeling telling me that each and every person is one of my beloved brothers and sisters and it makes me love them all so much.

The cool thing is the Lord is on our side. One of my favorite scriptures right now is Ether 3:5 “Behold, O Lord, thou canst do this. We know that thou are able to show forth great power.“ I literally see his hand in everything  I do . Sometimes, especially when I bear my testimony , I can literally feel the power of the Gift of Tongues helping me with my French. 

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