Monday, October 7, 2013

Another great week has passed in Toulon (Jacob)

Well, I have decided to stop keeping track of weeks because I think that is what make everything go so fast! Instead I am going to count every second of the day, because it seems like when you are always watching the time it goes by so much slower. SO in order to actually get my full two years worth of REAL missionary work, that is what I am going to do. I am seriously scared that this amazing period of my life is going to slip out of my fingers and I am going to look back and cry a little.

I am literally full right now, but definitely not from food (which I haven't eaten in about 6 hours) but from the spirit. Right now is the time to say "HOLY COW, that was a good conference." I don't think I have ever taken in so much from conference in my life. Every talk I heard (which was all of them) had an application to either me, the work, or my investigators. I feel really bad because I think that Lord told every singe person to write their talk at me and the only thing anyone else got is the Sisters from the Relief Society session. I could probably spend a while on the subject. 

I love the Gospel and am so grateful for the spirit. I have really felt the prinicple that Nephi taught "car lorsqu'un homme parle par le pouvoir du Saint-Esprit, le pouvoir du Saint-Esprit porte ses paroles dans le coeur des enfants des hommes." (For when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost, the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth the words unto the hearts of the children of men 2 Neph 33:1). The spirit testified to me over and over and over the truth of this amazing work! (Even when I got to listen to the Saturday afternoon session in French because we had 4 investigators at the church with us). I love the times when you feel it is so true, because then, when the next day hits and everything falls through, you don't have to doubt your faith, you just doubt your doubt and move on because of your faith. I am also grateful for technology that makes it possible to go back and read all the talks that were given (which, as was stated, were prayed about, fasted about, and even had sleepless nights spent over them in order to bring us what the Lord wants to know [that kind of made me feel bad for past conferences when I didn't listen very well]).

This has been a really amazing week.  We have been blessed so many times by the Lord, it is unreal. One night, after already finding lots of successes with the people that we were talking to, we walked home with about 10 minutes left and decided to stay outside even though we could have justified that the Lord had already blessed us all he needed to for the day and that we had calls to do.  So anyway about 5 minutes before 9, a man walks by with his dog and because Elder Frandsen was doing a call I quickly said "Bonsoir!" (Good evening) So we ended up teaching until about 9:15, set up an RDV for the next day and ended our night!! The Lord blesses those who endure!! The best part was that when we showed up for the RDV (across the street because it turns out it is our neighbor!) he had already read from the introduction through Joseph Smith's testimony! He was well prepared to answer every question we had!  

I know the Lord lives and that He is directing His church right now.  

I love you all!!  

Elder Pettingill

 The pics are of the cleaning check we had!

We got a star for being so clean!

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