Monday, October 21, 2013

Making connections and doing exchanges (Jacob Toulon)

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty amazing! We have seen quite a few tender mercies from God and and then lots of miracles on the side! 1st off, to tell you a little bit of what Elder Frandsen said about Montauban (my last area of my mission where he also served). They have a nice branch there that is doing well and they have a nice building that they attend. (I assume that means they are no longer in a room by the Elder's apartment and that Elder Frandsen has no idea about the really yummy cookies sold right next to the church) Elder Frandsen said that Soeur Von Tonder still dresses the same as in the pictures Mom sent so that is funny!

He also laughed at seeing the family and recongnized them all. So now you know that! 

As far as fun things that happened this week, I went on my second exchange with someone younger than me! Elder Miner, who is the District leaders companion in Cannes.

I went there and had a great exchange! It is awesome to have to think for yourself and figure things out which often Elder Frandsen does. We taught a couple lessons with their amis (investigators) and it was super cool. Also we had fish eggs that night so that was.... yummy.... or not. I decided that fish is not my thing and I will stick to other stuff. Yesterday I had a miracle when I was on the bus just driving around. I contacted this lady and she basically just handed over her phone number and fixed a rdv (appointment). Also Christian, our ami who has a date for the 9th of nov, is now 4 days strong in quitting smoking! So awesome! He has so much faith and we had some cool experiences with him... like the fact that he came early to church just so he could drive with us! Tonight he is coming to Frere Sassis for an FHE! We will be teaching the Plan of Salut (Plan of Salvation)! That plus food can never be bad! He is so solid and is ready for baptism! I love the gospel! I love french and have now been trying work on my vocabulary. Last week I learned all the body part like arm, leg, toes, articulation, etc. Very awesome trying to use those in contacts :)

Well sorry this isn't very long!

I will try to get some pics off this week.

Love, Elder Pettingill

P.S. We went into a cathedral today. It is so intricate!! But also kind of like Idol worship... I will send pics!!

 Pictures of the interior of Toulon Cathedral I found online as an example of what they visited

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