Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 1 Transfer 4 City 2 (Jacob-Brive)

Elder Martinez and Elder Pettingill
Well this week I wont be able to write much. It is Easter weekend and so everything is completely closed and we are already super busy so we cant come tomorrow. So in order to do emails all four of us are sitting here in the Bishop's office at the church playing poker (I taught them which I am not sure is good..) and doing 45 minutes rounds each so we don't have to spend 6 hours here.

So that is fun. To give the summary of the week:

Monday- We didn't have anything plans so we decided to do some missionary work in the morning and then finish off the night in our apartment. So we did that and then got invited to family home evening chez les Vilains (at the Vilain's house) with a recent convert Jean-Claude so that was really fun! We enjoyed really good food and got to see Frere Vilain's son Francois who lives in Paris for school and so he came down for the weekend. Frere Vilain said he joined the Paris mission Facebook page and he saw pictures of Sister Pettingill so that was funny! 

Tuesday- We spent some time doing port to port which was great! We got to teach Thierry at night and he had the awesome news that he finished the Book of Mormon! He said it was just the first lecture and now he is going to reread it by topic using the topical guide in the back to help him understand better all that. He is super awesome and was at church yesterday! We saw alain and he is super excited for his baptism soon and we are going to fix a two week plan to stop smoking so he can be prepared for that!

Wednesday- This was a little rough but it felt soooooo good after! We spent 7 hours walking around Brive with a list of signs that we can put posters up for free and put up publicity for the English class! That was super awesome because it gave us places to go and we got to see new parts of Brive that we havent seen yet! Also we got lots of sun and so I am feeling like a californian again slightly!

Thursday-We went to the Barrattos house and had a really awesome lesson with them! They are such an awesome relatively young family in the ward with two young kids! They just bought a house that was built in the 1800's and it is super cool! We had an Easter meal with them (lamb and potatoes)

Friday- We did some planning and them headed out with the O'Mullan family to do service with a family that just moved and the mom just hurt her arm trying to do too much (sound familiar?) So we helped them put up some stuff and then came back and got dressed  and the O'Mullans took us to our lesson with Serge. It was great because he brought a friend that he (Serge) wanted to hear our message! That was cool and the guy ended up coming to church. Later we had English class with 6 nonmembers! Also there was a missionary that just got back from his mission in Utah and so he got released while we were doing the English class. Also we had a friend of Matthew (our old ami that wanted to get baptized) come to us and ask to find out about our church.

Saturday. We went to Tulle and had an awesome lesson with Olivia. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it was super awesome because it seemed like everything kind of made sense for her. SO we fixed a baptismal date for the 17 of May (Jacob's birthday) right before she heads back to the US on the 20th. That was so cool!

Sunday- We had a ward repas (meal) and then Elder Allal who just got back gave a little presentation of his mission. Then at night we went to the Huberts with Thierry for an another awesome Easter dinner!

Well I got to go!!!

Love Elder Pettingill

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