Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Josh (Jacob-Brive)

Well I had a thought on Tuesday where I realized it was Josh's birthday but I hadn't realized when I was doing emails last week. Haha so pass along a happy birthday :)

Well I am sitting here doing emails and there is this Jewish women just talking my ears off. When I walked in she said 'Oh you're evangelist?' and ever since then she is just talking all about America and how she is looking for work. When she found out that we have 8 kids in our family, she offered her services to help out with all the cleaning and work there must be... I said I would ask.. So yeah do you want a Jewish women to come help? She even said not paid, just to be fed and logging would be fine. She even speaks French so ;)

Sending off Elder Tihopu
But in any case I got the news on Friday, and Elder Martinez and I are going to stay together so that was exciting! We set some goals for this transfer and got into action by heading off for a nice morning run to the park! It felt great! Especially since last week I had 3 exchanges and we had to wake up at 5h30 every morning to head to Perigueux to do the exchange. We did that 4 days in a row and so I didn't get to work out much! I feel like I learned so much this week. I have been trying so hard to learn to be more diligent with all my work and in learning. I figured out that is the key to becoming or to develop in any area that we would like to be better. I want to do so much but it is hard to grow if we don't continue and diligently work at it...
As far as this week:

We went to FHE with the Vilains and Thierry so that was super fun and Thierry got to enjoy the 'FHE culture'. Then we went Tuesday and taught him about tithing and fast offerings. So that was fun. He didn't quite accept it yet. Elder Yeung and I did an exchange that was super good. I learned so much from him about being BOLD! and then I did and exchange with Elder Tihopu (who left this afternoon and is going to Toulouse). That was great and I had lots of fun. Then on Thursday I went to Perigueux (I didn't get to see Aunt Jeannette's lady's friend unfortunately) and the exchange with Elder Loera was super great. He is going home tomorrow and so it was fun to be able to learn so much from him and get some perspective before he heads home. I almost did a baptismal interview for their investigator (now member) Daniel but I taught him like 3 transfers ago so Elder Strom the ZL did it. Then on Saturday we went with the Fulcrandes to the Baptism and so I got to see my first baptism in France!!

It is sometimes hard to not baptize every week (like Mexico) but then I just tell myself. I signed up for this mission not to baptize but to be obedient and to INVITE! I think that is one of the most important things ever is to not lose that perspective and to always look for opportunities to invite. Because if the Lord wanted me to baptize he would make me baptize.

I love the gospel and I wish that I was just a little bit better; thank goodness for the Savior, I know He lives. I am so grateful for all the wonderful examples in my life!

Love you!
Elder Pettingill 
Coloring Easter Eggs


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